Wrapped in Warmth: 10 Knit Infinity Scarves and Cowls

As the weather outside becomes oh so frightful, the only hope we have of standing against the sudden drop in temperature is to bundle up. As knitters, that’s definitely something that can easily be accomplished since almost anything we could ever want can be cast onto our needles. With patterns for everything from knit hats to knit mittens, lower temperatures simply aren’t enough to keep us down.

It’s during these cooler months that I’m always trying to find a way to keep warm while still looking absolutely fabulous. One of my favorite ways to accessorize is with knitted scarves, infinity scarves, and cowls. Needless to say, I was more than happy to be surrounded by so many knit scarf patterns when I first got into knitting because it meant that I could create something I loved without having to deal with ridiculous store prices. Besides, there’s something special about being able to walk around in something you’ve knitted yourself.

While I’ve since broadened my knitting horizons to other knitted accessories like hats and fingerless gloves, scarves are still my number one go-to. After all, you just can’t beat how multifaceted knitted scarves are. Not only that, but scarves also make perfect gifts for everyone on your Christmas list. So, what are you waiting for? Cast on with me for an amazingly warm knit to get you and your loved ones through the harsh weather to come.

Wrapped in Warmth: 10 Knit Infinity Scarves and Cowls

Get ready to wrap yourself up in a knit that is both warm and incredibly stylish. Any of these knitted scarves would be a great addition to your wardrobe. What makes infinity scarves so great is how versatile they are. You can wrap them multiple times around your neck for optimal warmth or simply leave them hanging open for a totally different look. What could be better than an accessory you can wear more that one way?

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