Three Cheers for Pom-Poms! 14 Knit and Crochet Hats

Pom-poms, big or small, are a trend I’ve seen popping up everywhere lately. A knit or crochet hat is an adorable way to accessorize during winter, and unlike most trends, this one is appropriate for men, women, and children alike! It helps that they’re usually pretty toasty, too, making them perfect for winter – not like those impractical trends that are hard to incorporate into your wardrobe (pastels, anyone?) Buying these fun hats at the store, however, can prove to be an unjustifiable expense – some of the ones at stores like Anthropologie are going for $50-70 per hat! It’s so simple to work up a hat on your own, so there’s no need to shell out a fortune just to have fun with this trend.

These free, easy crochet patterns and knitting patterns are all you need to get started on a pom-pom hat of your own! These are great to give as gifts or just to keep in your own wardrobe. I’ve rounded up 14 knit and crochet hat patterns from our sites so you can work one up this weekend!

knit and crochet pom-pom hat patterns

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