Show Off Your Fandom With Crochet Patterns

From the Harry Potter books and movies to anime and obscure TV shows, there are plenty of fandoms out there that celebrate a particular facet of pop culture. Fans of The Office might debate for hours if the U.S. version can even compare with the original, while Sherlockians might have strong feelings about the latest season of the popular BBC series. And let’s not even get into the fans who post intricate theories about what might happen in the next season of Game of Thrones, the die-hard sports fans who never miss a game, and the life-long fans who follow their favorite band everywhere. But how can you show off your passion for a TV show without delving into cosplay? With fandom crochet patterns, you can include subtle nods to your favorite show.

With fandom crochet patterns, you can get creative and include subtle nods to your favorite characters. All you need is a little creativity to transform a scarf into a homage. Here’s how you can subtly show your fandom with crochet patterns found on AllFreeCrochet. […]

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