Secrets to Being a Better Crocheter: 17 Crochet Tips and Tricks

Want to be a better crocheter? Check out some of these neat crochet tips and tricks to improve your skills! Secrets to Being a Better Crocheter: 17 Crochet Tips and Tricks is the ultimate guide for lovers of crochet.

All of these techniques are super easy and fast to do. I’m always surprised to find how the little things can make such a big difference in crochet, especially crochet for beginners. This list has some of the most helpful crochet tips and tricks I’ve seen, so let’s take a look!

Crochet Tips

Crochet Tips and Tricks: Organization

Improving your yarn organization and storage are really simple things you can do to make crocheting a bit easier. Make your own plastic yarn organizer for tangle free yarn out of a bin in your house! It’s cheap and Eco-friendly! These organization crochet tips and tricks can be a lifesaver when you don’t have the time to deal with messy, tangled yarn.

Make Your Own Yarn Organizer

1. Nifty Yarn Organization & Storage Tips

2. Make Your Own Plastic Yarn Organizer

3. Travel Cup Yarn

4. Wine Rack Yarn Storage

5. How to Organize Your Tools

Crochet Tips and Tricks: Yarn

These yarn crochet tips and tricks are awesome all across the board. Don’t you love when an afghan is nice and worn in? Find out how to get rid of that original stiffness! If you’re unsure about the colors a crochet pattern is using, choose your own with the help of the Yarn Color Theory Tutorial and color wheel.

Yarn Color Theory Tutorial

1. How to Soften Your Yarn

2. Yarn Color Theory Tutorial

3. How to Make a Center Pull Ball of yarn

4. How to Avoid Stiff Crochet


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