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Amazon is the ultimate retail space. If Amazon doesn’t sell it, you just don’t need it. I’ve had a Prime account for a number of years and I thoroughly enjoy the benefits, and the convenience of having stuff delivered right to my door. And when my friends tell me that their items are now available through Amazon, I feel as if they’ve reached a new level of success.

So, today, I celebrate reaching that level myself. I applied to be a seller on Handmade at Amazon just a couple of days ago, and to my surprise was accepted in record time!

The application process was rather lengthy and detailed. I was a little worried when they asked for a picture of my workshop space. Uhm… it’s my recliner in my living room. I make items for my shop while I’m watching TV in the evenings, so it’s not exactly a professional space.

My Workshop
My Workshop


Amazon asked me to describe my technique and tools of the trade, and I was like “I crochet with standard crochet hooks”. I really didn’t know how else to put it. What special materials do I use? Yarn. Lots of yarn. All kinds of yarn. But… yarn.  It’s crochet not a Picasso painting. I happen to be in love with it, but I just couldn’t fathom that this would look good on the application. I guess I was wrong.

So, right now I only have 1 item up for sale through my seller page – a pair of solid red dishcloths. Learning the ins and outs of operating an Amazon store is taking some time, but I plan to populate the shop with all kinds of stuff. You will still be able to order items directly through me right here on this website, especially the photography items – technically, they’re not handmade.

Hoping to start writing patterns soon…

Visit my Amazon Seller page right here!

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