Interweave Crochet Summer 2018: Saltwater Top

Sleeveless tops are all the rage every summer, and with good reason: when it’s hot and sticky outside, no one wants sleeves clinging to their arms and making them hotter! Well, not only does the Saltwater Top from Interweave Crochet Summer 2018 not have sleeves, but the sides are completely open, allowing for maximum airflow!

Once you get over the great colors in the upper part of this top, you’re sure to notice the ribbing—or perhaps that’s what drew you to this project in the first place. Either way, the ribbing creates visual interest that’s sure to draw all eyes to you. Ribbing is also highly stretchy, so this top will expand to fit a variety of sizes. And as an added bonus, the ribbing’s natural vertical striping will elongate your waist—what woman doesn’t want that?

In addition to great design elements, this top also uses a yarn that is perfect for summer. Cascade Yarns Hampton is a Pima cotton/linen blend that will work well for all your summer stitching needs. In fact, we at Interweave Crochet liked it so much that we actually used it in last summer’s issue, too. (Check out the Spiral Seashell Top by Nicoletta Tronci and you’re sure to see why!)

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