Guest Post: Brioche Accent Knit Cowl

 By Kristen Mangus

Hi, I’m Kristen Mangus, the knitting video host and designer behind the GoodKnit Kisses YouTube channel.  I love teaching and being the knitting host for Yarnspirations this year. I hope you enjoy my latest blog and tutorial for YOU.

 Thrills then terror!

 When you see brioche knitting for the first time you typically have this reaction.  You’re thrilled by the texture and mesmerized by the depth of the stitches.  Your first thought is… “HOW is it possible?  I must learn brioche knitting!”


Then your good friend, Google, tells you all about brioche knitting. At first you’re still fascinated by all the gorgeous pictures then you start to read instructions and the doubt begins to creep in.  By the time you get around to the Sl1Pwyib you’ve convinced yourself that brioche knitting is highly overrated and there are a select few experts that developed the technique to torment their fellow knitters.


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