5 Knit Gifts to Start and Finish Before Christmas

We’re right in the thick of the holiday season, with Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas looming around the corner. Now is the time when folks get frantic about getting all of their gift shopping and making done before December 25th. Is there even still time to knit gifts for family members and friends? You betcha!

If you are worried about starting new projects for people this late in the game, you’re in luck. Accessories and home décor projects with thicker yarn gauges knit up in no time. Check out these 5 super simple, cute, and quick gift projects that you can knit up in the next three weeks.

knit gifts

1. Simple Slippers by Melissa Stajda

You can easily knit a pair of the Simple Slippers for anyone in your family with an adult-sized foot (the pattern includes three sizes!). The slippers use an aran-weight yarn, which helps you knit them up quickly. You can start and finish a pair in an afternoon, or complete two or three pairs over a weekend. Use a speckled or hand-dyed yarn to fancy them up without any extra work—the yarn does it for you. Just pick a different color for each person you’re knitting for, and crank out several pairs in no time!


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