3 Cold Weather Crochet Blankets to Bundle Up In

Born and raised in Colorado, author Marly Bird knows a thing or two about cold weather. She lives in the land of layers: where a scarf might be fine for the morning, but later in the evening you’ll need a scarf, hat, mittens, and slippers while sitting fireside under an afghan! So it’s no surprise that she set out to design projects meant to keep you warm in her book, Cold Weather Crochet. The 3 crochet blankets featured are particularly cozy, easily customizable, and will keep you warm all winter long.

1. Tilt-O-Whirl Afghan

Tilt-O-Whirl Afghan, photo by Joe Hancock for Interweave.

The Tilt-O-Whirl Afghan is a surprisingly quick crochet blanket to make. It’s worked using Red Heart With Love, a worsted weight yarn that comes in 56 different colors. Choose a set of 4 colors to match your décor and stitch up 49 Tilt-O-Whirl granny squares. Have fun mixing and matching the color combinations within the motifs. Once complete, mattress stitch the motifs together for a nearly invisible join before working the edging.


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